Put out Flyers for The Umbrella Community Arts Center

What: Put out flyers for The Umbrella’s programs.

When: 2.5 + hours at your convenience. They will be ready for pickup Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Put them up as soon as possible but no later than October 25th .

Where: 40 Stow Street, Concord Center (pick up flyers). The flyers for pick up are on the second floor, on the left side, through the double doors, below the mail slots. The doors are open business hours.

We want to get the word out about our programs.  We have a list for you to follow and the cooperation of the stores. Walk or ride around and help promote our wonderful offerings. Please send me your first and second choice of locations.

Number of volunteers:  One or two for each location.

Interested? Contact: Kathy Warren, Volunteer Coordinator, at kathy@theumbrellaarts.org

 Please specify your choice of location.


Concord Center and Depot area

West Concord